Welcome to my garden

Welcome to my garden.  I actually have three distinct gardens – An irregular shaped fenced yard on one side of my house.  It is enclosed by a 6 foot fence and covered all year by four mature live oaks.  I grow mostly shade plants in this garden although there are a few microclimates where I can grow the odd flower.

Shade Garden entrance

I also have a cutting garden.  It lines the alley

behind my home next to a chain link fence.  The space is app 3 X 100 feet.  It is long and narrow.  I grow about 30 kinds of roses, dahlias, russian sage, rudebekia, bulbs or all kinds, iris, gallardia, tomatoes, and everything else that strikes my fancy during the growing season.

Finally the front landscape in front of the house.  We rarely go out there so it has to be pretty, interesting and drought tolerant (and salt tolerant because of our dogs).  My theory is that nothing goes into the landscape unless it is a +2.  That means it has to be very drought tolerant (think cacti and yarrow), has to flower all season (or something equally amazing) and + – that means it has to do something else too like be really amazing, grow berries for the birds, or be fragrant.







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