Meet the Dogs: Bear

This post is all about Bear.  He is the largest of my four dogs.  He is a rottweiler.  He is also a rescue.  This is him.  He needed a little medical attention when we first got him.

He had been deserted in a house and by the time rescue broke in to get him, he was eating carpet.  We have had him for about 4 years.  He weighs about 140 lbs and looks quite formidable when he is barking at strangers.  But he is really a sweetheart and my constant companion.  This is his favorite activity:

He is very spoiled and spends a lot of his time on the tempurpedic mattress napping.  Since this is a gardening blog I should add that he loves to be with me whenever I garden.  He is a challenge because he really likes to pee on every plant I put in the ground.  He is totally worth it.  As you can see he thinks he is a giant lapdog.

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