Meet the Dogs: Sophie and Lexie

Meet the girls: Sophie the Chocolate Lab and Lexie the Rat Terrier.

Both are rescues.  Lexie (left) was given up by her owner because he was very sick and could no longer take care of her.  She spent lots of time on her own in the back yard chewing anything she could reach.  She is very shy and wary of new people.  We have had her for four years.  She is a lovebug and loves to cuddle.  This picture was taken on her special bed in my studio.

As you can see from her photo, Sophie is an old girl.  We got her as a puppy and she has lived with us nine years.  She was originally destined to be used for practice in training dogs to fight.  They use dogs like this, duct tape their mouths shut so the fighting dogs don’t get injured and the dogs rip them apart.  She got lucky when my big-hearted husband came across the transaction and he swooped her up and brought her home.  Sophie is a chow hound and loves to sit by the storm door in my studio and watch the world go by.  Smart girl to stay in during the day.  It’s 101 deg today!  Sophie and Lexie are usually together waking or sleeping.

Here they are in the garden with me as I installed a new fountain and three roses.  Sophie approves but Lexie doesn’t seem so sure….

Next: The Diva, Sidney’s Little Lone Star Texas Buckeroo or Buck for short


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