Meet the Dogs: Buck

This is Buck.  He is an Australian Shepherd.  My husband, Randy, really wanted this kind of dog so we did the research and found a breeder out on a farm and met the mother and father and saw the litter.  He is a beautiful dog.  Raising him from a 10 week old puppy was challenging.  I usually like rescues that are fully grown.  But we did get him house trained and Bear, our Rottweiler immediately adopted him and took care of him in the sweetest way.

Gardening with Buck has been a challenge because he is super smart and a herder.  So, everything I planted, he dug up and relocated to a pile in the middle of the back yard.  I guess he wanted to be sure the roses wouldn’t get out of line!

Buck is a truly sweet and beautiful dog.  His full name is Sidney’s Little Texas Lone Star Buckeroo.  If you look closely, you will see that both his eyes are two colors – blue and brown.  He loves to go to Lowes and Calloways with me and he is always a big hit there.  Next post will really be about gardening I promise!


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