I Love This Plant: Ruellia

I love this plant.  This is a Mexican Petunia or Ruellia

It grows in Zones 8-11.  It is a perennial that completely disappears in the winter and then reappears in late spring.  It was given to me by my friend Linda.  “Just pick a few stems and put in the dirt where you want them.” she said and she was right.  They wilted for a day or two and then just kept going.  This one I found where I had stuck a few stems into the ground last fall.  After 30 continuous days of >100 deg. and no supplemental water, my little Mexican Petunia is going strong.  This is a closeup but the whole plant is covered with these beauties.


2 thoughts on “I Love This Plant: Ruellia

    • Couldn’t hurt to try it. I have it in a very dry and sunny location and also in a very shady wet location and both are growing. More flowers in the sun of course. This winter we had several days of -7 deg C and we are in our 30th day of 38 deg C + so they can take a wide range of temps and still come back for more. Good Luck!

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