Gardening in Texas in August

Not much you can do in 107 deg (42 deg C) except run out and move the hose.  Everything but the cacti just stops flowering and we all just wait it out.  No fertilizer right now because you want your plants to slow down and use less water.  Also, don’t walk on the pavement because it will burn your feet and asphalt becomes like liquid lava leaving little burning blobs of tar on your heels. I feel bad because my little bird brains have fouled the water and I am too lazy to brave the heat to go out and clean up after them.  So I looked out the window a little today and marked what needs watering

for tomorrow and so there you go.  Thinking about cooler days and shady places, I hand painted greeting cards today featuring a cinnamon fern with the fiddleheads just unrolling.

It feels cooler already!  Remember, “bee” positive!


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