Joe Pye Weed: The Weed With The Fairy Tale Ending

Joe Pye Weed is the Pinocchio of the plant world.  It is the story of an extraordinary native weed that sought acceptance for the beautiful, tough flowering plant that it knew it always could be.  The cool thing about this story is that being a weed, Joe Pye Weed has all the tenacity you might expect; pest resistant, willing to adapt to a wide range of soil and environmental conditions, and generally tough to kill.  As a garden plant, it has large graceful leaves and a very long blooming season of small white-to-pink blooms that last a long time both in the garden as well as the vase.  The picture of my Joe Pye Weed is not very spectacular but this is its first season in my garden and it is everthing I excpected it to be.  Be warned, Joe Pye Weed likes moist shady conditions so mine is planted between the Gardenias and the Azaleas next to the pond.  Given these conditions, I expect a long and satisfying association with my not-so-average Joe.

Happy Gardening and remember to “bee” positive!


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