Subduing My Unruly Cutting Garden

So I know this is a blog and not a confessional.  But I have to admit that when I went out to the alley to see why the city issued a warning about my unruly cutting garden, I was surprised to see how out of control it was.  In my defense, I can’t see much of this area from my window so I haven’t been monitoring it very closely.  Here are the highlights:

The roses are overgrown and need pruning or training and almost every perennial needs a trim in preparation for the last hurrah of blooms this fall.  Because I am trying to encourage both perennials and annuals I plant here to reseed I don’t mulch heavily because mulch is an equal opportunity suppressor of seed germination.  Also the bricks that I have laid to protect the plants from cars backing into them and unruly drivers who take the curve too fast and they have done their job but they need a little straightening.  Believe me, I would like to have located the garden inside my fenced-in property but this is the only marginally sunny spot and on the other side of the fence roams 350 lbs of dog who like to dig, pee, and generally maul anything I plant.  My shade garden is on the other side of the house.  So you can see the grass weeds that have taken over my gallardias, coneflowers, and scabiosa but I planted a lot of annuals there this year and wanted to see a return next spring so almost no mulch.  I also have summer squash which produced will this year and zucchini which produced nothing.  I must be the only person who can’t grow zucchini.  I will try to plant two or more plants next year to see if that will help.

In the meantime, I will weed and weed and weed and prune and cut down the spent gladiolas, the dead fake sunflowers, and the overgrown and useless zucchini vine so that the city will be happy and my neighbors will be relieved and actually my plants will appreciate the extra space.  I worked for an hour this morning starting at 7:30 AM and had to stop because I am lazy and hate to sweat.  So I will have to finish the job tomorrow a little earlier.  Even Bear (pictured here) ran to the door to be let in after about 10 minutes but only after peeing on every plant he could reach making my weeding super fun.  So tomorrow will be a continuation of the weeding process and hopefully I will have updated pictures of my neater and happier cutting garden.

Happy gardening and remember to “bee” positive!


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