The Trials of a Gardener: Summer Heat and Being a Good Neighbor

Still hot as blazes: 107 deg F (42 C) so I stayed in today and painted.  I made a couple of mini signs for the garden.  I am training Buck as a model.  He really will do anything for a treat!  I am going have to brave the heat.  We just got a notice from the city that my flowers are growing too high in the alley so I have to go out and sheer them back.  Some people are just haters. ; )!  Seriously, I want to be a good neighbor, I just don’t want to die from heat exhaustion doing it.  Well, OK, that’s a little dramatic.  Say a prayer for me.  At least I’ll lose a couple of pounds – even if it is water weight!

Happy gardening, stay cool, and remember to “bee” positive!



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