I Love This Plant: Hostas

Hostas have fallen out of fashion lately. They are the ho-hum
plant of shade gardening. Fortunately they are resilient both in the garden and
in the hearts of gardeners who have been humbled by the wreck of some
fashionable new plant bought on a whim. I love hostas because they are
beautiful both flowering and foliage, the variety of their colors and patterns
seems almost infinite, they sport beautiful tall flower stalks in the spring that
last a long time in the garden and in the vase, and they are very pest and
disease resistant. However, slugs looooove hostas. They will decimate your
beautiful foliage without vigilance. I have tried beer traps (yuck!), cantaloupe
rinds, salt (double-yuck) and dichotomous earth – if it is organic, I’ve tried
it. The very best solution is a sprinkling of iron phosphate (Marketed as
Sluggo) every month. It is non-toxic to pets and wildlife, easy to use, and
breaks down into good stuff in the garden. Best of all, it works. And the
little slimy diners crawl away somewhere and die. (No I am not getting paid for

But I digress. Hostas. Lush and beautiful, will tolerate tree
roots and dry shade although they love water too and as an added bonus, every
two years you can dig up the clump and split it into several pieces. Free
plants. Love it! I did that this spring and here are a few of the
“babies” I had so many I gave lots away to friends and family.

So there you go, beautiful foliage, lovely flowers in the spring, tough as nails, free plants.  What’s not to love?

Happy Gardening and remember to “bee” positive!


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