Botanical Series

My style as a painter (and as a human) is imprecise.  I like free-flowing, not over-worked pieces that capture the transitive property of natural things.  I would describe it as a western interpretation of the wabi-sabi philosophy.  Wabi sabi is difficult to define but for me it is an appreciation of the relationship between what is and of time.  It conveys an understanding that all things are passing and impermanent.  A wabi sabi perspective would find an old worn teapot with dents and discoloration more beautiful than a brand new shiny one.  Extrapolated, wabi sabi-ness would also find great beauty in the wrinkled and worn face of a 90 year-old woman. Not incoincidentally, the older I get the more this way of thinking appeals to me.

As wabi-sabi as I am, I am also fascinated by the detail in flowers and plants that can’t be captured when painting on the fly.  So I have mustered up the little self-discipline I have and have been working on a series of more detailed paintings.  So far only flowers and butterflies but I hope to include other insects and birds as well.  I am pleased with the results so far. 

Here are two of my paintings; “Crimson Poppy 1” and “Geranium”:

I would like to report that I painted these inspired by the first hand communing with nature while listening to something like Handel’s water music. Those who know me best would say I just like sitting in the air conditioning for hours at a time watching TV.  I would just say that I have a deep appreciation of the perfection of imperfection.

Wabi Sabi Gardening and remember to “bee” positive!


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