I Love This Plant: Santolina

When planting my front yard landscape, I wanted a very drought tolerant plant for an area that gets lots of sun and very little attention.  It also had to have yellow flowers if it flowered at all.  I was willing to compromise with the flowers since this really had to be a desert plant.  So I was thrilled to find two very scrawny santolina (aka lavendar cotton) plantlets at Lowe’s this spring.  It was the middle of May and a little late for planting something I intended to ignore but these were small plants and I hoped they would survive the summer.  I am glad to report that these little champs are going strong and about 10 times the size they were when I planted them.  I love the grey green foliage and the little pom poms of flowers.  They have required not one drop of water after 60+ days of over 100 deg weather and drought.  They appreciate poor soil and are evergreen.  I am thinking about replacing the entire lawn with these plants. OK, my husband Randy would draw the line at that but I am slowly taking over by planting new beds every year and he hasn’t even noticed!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!   The yard will soon be mine all mine!

Happy Gardening and remember to “bee” positive!


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