Fountain Update: Form vs. Function

My fountain has become very functional vs. the decorative properties that I had originally envisioned.  I will be re-thinking the design of this little pond for next year but for the remainder of the summer, it has become an oasis for the birds.  This summer has been rough on them and it isn’t unusual to see birds walking around dragging their wings with their beaks open trying to cool off.  So between my cleaning efforts (see my previous post, ) the pecking, pulling and investigating of my little feathered friends, and the digging of the squirrels, the view of the fountain is less than idyllic.  You can see in some of the pictures below that they have even pulled out the fountain hose so you can really see the black hose pulled out from the rocks pouring out water into the fountain.  It is really a popular hangout though and I regularly see anywhere from 7-20 birds walking around in this shady garden and waiting for a turn at the running water.  It is heartening to see what an oasis it has become for the birds.  The neighborhood squirrels hang around too digging through the mulch to the moist ground beneath and laying flat out on the ground to cool off.  Here are some pics of my suburban oasis:

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