I Love This Plant: Redbud with a Twist

I rarely buy plants at full price.  But, when I want a particular speciman plant, I usually have to order it from a catalog or online which means full price.  That’s why I like to pick a nursery with an excellent reputation and a money back guarantee to back it up.  I chose Springhill Nursery because they have a lifetime guarantee. I am not really sure what that means but I figure it will cover the all-important first year.  I have ordered from a bargain nursery for even garden variety bulbs and plants and have never been happy.  So when I landscaped the front of the house, I wanted a specific tree that was only available through the mail.  A weeping redbud.  In full bloom they look like this:

This isn’t mine.  Mine looks like this:

When I first got it, it arrived in a long thin box and I didn’t see it until about 9PM.  My mother was with me and when we opened the box, I was amazed.  The tree was supple and the root system was full and gorgeous.  It pays to pay for quality.  When I planted it in February it was just a twig sticking out of the ground.  My sister with the black thumbs called it a stick for a couple of months until it sprouted leaves.  She was then shocked that it was really alive.

Anyway, this little tree has withstood the summer heat beautifully.  I have supplemented with 1 gallon of water a week and I can’t wait to see it this spring when it is covered with gorgeous purple blooms.

Happy gardening and remember to “bee” happy!


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