Veggie Gardening in a Small Space

So as the weather starts to cooperate and summer (at last) is winding down, I have been looking for better ways to grow more produce in a small space.  Since I use empty spaces in my cutting garden for fall vegetable planting, I am very limited as to what I can grow.  I am making a concerted effort to increase produce because 1) Space in the cutting garden during the spring is at a premium since that is the prime flowering period for some of my favorite flowers and 2) the fall veggies: kale, spinach, lettuce, and tomatoes are my favorite produce.  So I am going to really make a concerted effort to increase my yield by using “Intensive Gardening”  principles.  An intensive garden minimizes wasted space. The practice of intensive gardening is not just for those with limited garden space; rather, an intensive garden concentrates your work efforts to create an ideal plant environment, giving better yields.

Here is an excellent article from Virginia Tech University that I am using as my guidebook this fall:

Productive Gardening and remember to “bee” positive!



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