Goodbye to Some Summer Garden Favorites

I am not really one to spend lots of money on annuals unless they reseed themselves.  I am also not a fan of plants that need to be babied.  I do, however, have some exceptions.  Caladiums are one of these.  Caladiums are beautiful tuberous plants with gorgeous foliage.  They do flower and though interesting, look like ugly pitcher plants so are really not why I grow them.  Caladiums add gorgeous and much-needed color in shady areas where other plants struggle.  Caladiums grow from tubers which are reliably hardy only to zones 10-11 and to the surface of the planet of Mercury.  You can lift the tubers and store in peat  moss in a cool dry area.  Under the bed has been suggested.  I have tried to winter over the tubers although not under the bed.  That seemed a little extreme to me.  The second year’s plants are really disappointing.  So I replace them every year and enjoy.  This is also the case with the Polka Dot Plant.  They are cute little plants with pink and white polka-dotted leaves.  Although they do winter over in some years, they are not reliable so I leave them out and hope for the best. Here are some farewell photos of these fair weather friends:

Happy Gardening and remember to “bee” positive!


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