Big Week Catch Up for Garden Life Designs

Alrighty then.  Its been an eventful couple of days and I’ve got lots of news so lets get started.

First off, thanks to all ya’ll (for those of you who don’t know, all ya’ll is the proper grammatical form referring to all those of you – you know who you are and if you are not sure, you aren’t) who came out and supported (and shopped!) at my first show at the McKinney Third Monday Trade Days.  I learned lots and lots there and the weekend was very successful for me but in a surprise ending sort of way.  I’ll get to that another

day.  Anyway, here are a few pics:

It was fun and the weather was so amazing – cloudy and in the 70’s.  As you can see I got a little sun.  It was a great time and I met some good friends and visited with some old ones.

So in preparing for this show and being there, I have sort of let my garden fend for itself.  I went out today to clean up a little and check on things because we had quite a bit of rain on Sunday night – Alleluia!  And I have been keeping things clean in my little pond for the birds and the occasional possum and stray cats and lizards and anything else that needs a fresh drink of water.  Well I am so excited because I have tadpoles!  Real honest to goodness tadpoles!  I will never not have a pond again.  They are the cutest little critters in the world.  Here is a pic of some of the braver ones who came out to have their picture taken.  I have circled them because it is a little hard to see through all the pond litter.

Aren’t they the cutest little things you ever saw?  Anyway, as you can see my pond is still a work in progress and I was planning on removing the shallow shelf on the far right of the pond in this picture above but that is where the little darlin’s are hanging out so I will be keeping that shelf.

I also wanted to share a first blush rose for the fall.  This is a David Austen rose so it smells so amazing.  I love this rosebush.  It is very hardy, disease resistant, and robust.  It is a Princess Marquerite Rose

For those of you who asked, my sister is doing well although her garden is quite terminal.  She is up and about and looking great.  Thanks to all who sent her good thoughts and I will pass on your well wishes.

GardenLifeDesigns was not awarded the CBS Dallas/Fort Worth Most Valuable Blogger but we were in the finalists.  The Bargain Blonde was the winner.  Here is link to the winning blog and as graciously as I can say, it was an honor just to be nominated.  I still intend to use it for bragging rights.

Finally some good news, I had planted an acuba late this spring and then got busy so I haven’t had a chance to look and see if it is still alive having survived the summer.  Acuba’s are shade loving shrubs and so tend to be slow growers so even though this photo shows a very small shrub, it is amazing that it has survived and thrived. This is a gold dust acuba:

That’s it.  It’s been a great start for the fall and stick with me because this is gonna be a great season.

Happy Gardening and remember to “bee” positive!


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