I Love This Plant: Obedient Plant

I really do like this plant even though it is definitely a poser.  Here is what I mean: 1.) First of all its name, Obedient Plant (Physostegia virginiana).  It is named that because apparently you can bend one or more of its many flowers on each stem and they stay where you put them.  However, I call it the Dis-obedient plant because it never stays where you put it.  Each summer I have volunteers everywhere!  And 2.) Its other common name is False Dragonhead, see, definitely a poser.

Here is why I love this plant.

  1. It blooms this time of year with multitudes of white, pink, or lavendar flowers.  Mine are lavendar
  2. It grows in the shade or the sun or whatever
  3. It is very forgiving about water and feeding and generally doesn’t mind being ignored
  4. The many volunteers don’t mind being pulled out of the ground and given away or shoved in the ground somewhere else.  They usually don’t even wilt a little but just keep right on growing.
  5. Their bloom time is about a month
  6. They are pretty much pest free
  7. They grow in zones 3-10 which is really varied
  8. I got them for free from a gardener who was getting rid of her extra volunteers.

Regardless, this is a staple for my garden and I look forward to them every year.

Happy Gardening and remember to “bee” positive!


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