My Fall Garden Chores List

The weather is gorgeous and I feel compelled to be outside.  I walk around with my clippers and snip here and there and have decided to get organized.  so here are my garden chores:

  1. Prune those pesky suckers under the live oak tree.
  2. Prune the Crepe Myrtle Tree so that it doesn’t affect the cable TV wire next spring
  3. Remove the dead holly that didn’t make it through the summer and replace (fall is a great time to plant shrubs)
  4. Plant daffodil bulbs (but not until November)
  5. Turn the compost and remove the compost that is ready
  6. Spread compost in the cutting garden and shade garden
  7. Remove tree seedlings from the vinca minor bed
  8. Cut back the lilies and cannas for the winter
  9. Fertilize acid loving plants
  10. Remove any dead plants in front landscape
  11. Mulch front landscape
  12. Build up azalea bed
  13. Clean out pots and add soil to compost
  14. Prune roses and tie up climbing rose branches
  15. Weed beds in the front landscape
  16. Plant fall flowers in annual bed

Whew.  You would think just reading this list would make me tired but actually I am looking forward for the chance to get out there and garden.  That’s when you know you are hooked.

Addictive Gardening and remember to “bee” positive!


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