Tree Dump

It is still too wet and rainy to do much out in the garden but after a 3 day drenching and weather in the 40’s, our mulberry tree has dumped 90% of its leaves all at once.  It’s as bad as our Australian Shepherd when he “blows his coat” in the spring.  These aren’t beautiful orange and amber fall leaves.  No. These are still pretty much green as if this tree waits until the last second and realizing it’s time, just lets go of all its leaves.  No pre-planning.   Not a very nice virtue in a tree.  So I guess my next gardening project will be as a tree-janitor.  The dogs love it though.  Tons of new toys all at once.  They are acting like puppies again.  That is a very nice virtue in dogs!

I didn’t take any pictures as it was an impromptu playtime but I have some much less muddy pics I found on the internet.  This is what it felt like even if in reality there was much less autumnal leaf color and a lot more mud!

Happy gardening and remember to “bee” positive!


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