Spring Comes to The Garden

Okay, I admit that I have been remiss in posting to this blog.  That is not to say that there has not been anything to write about.  Just the opposite in fact.  Too much to do.  But I have been itching to post for a couple days now because of the new residents in my shade garden.  I have, in previous posts, described my desire to attract birds to my garden and my efforts in doing so; a small pond with running water and a shelf to allow the birds to bathe, choosing seed and berry bearing plants to feed them, and planting shrubs and low growing plants under the three live oaks for cover and low perches.  I am also adamant about organic garden practices.  No pesticides especially.

Well I am pleased to say that this year we have a nest of robins.  They built their nest in a very open space on the top of a metal frame I use to train the pyracantha (fire thorn) bush.  It is about 8 feet above the ground near the exterior fence.  Mrs. Robin is very cautious sitting most often on the nest and always putting 3-4 foot distance between her and the nest before taking wing chattering loudly to draw the attention away from her little ones.

Mr. Robin is quite handsome with a broader chest and a rakish tuft on top of his head which tilts a little to the right.  He is quite a looker and very attentive taking his turn usually in the morning sitting on the eggs.

Today Mrs. Robin took a little break in the middle of the warm afternoon to stretch her legs and take a quick bath in the pond.  I grabbed the opportunity to snap some pics of the nest.  They are not crystal clear as Mr. and Mrs. Robin objected quite forcefully to my papparazzi intrusion and I had to hold my phone above my head to get a view of the eggs.  Here are the little cuties and I could not be prouder.  Talk about your Robins’ egg blue!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In future I will be more scrupulous about frequent posting and will keep you up to date on the little family.  Happy Spring and remember to keep gardening and “bee” positive!


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