Rockin’ Robins: A Closeup on the Domestic Life of Nesting Parents

It is raining today.  Not hard but I no longer mind it because we will be grateful for it this summer.  I watched all day as Mr. and Mrs. Robin sat dutifully on their nest sheltering their eggs.  The nest is quite exposed to the elements and these determined parents literally became the roof that sheltered their offspring.  I have some pictures of my little Robin family I took over the last couple of days.  I try not to get to close or stay too long so as not to stress them out unduly.

This one shows exactly where the nest is.  Instead of choosing a home among the innumerable branches of my Live Oaks, the family chose instead an exposed seat atop an old swing frame I use to hold back my Pyracantha:

Now this one might be a little embarrassing to the new parents because it displays a possible defect in Mr. Robin’s construction skills.  Rest assured however, the nest is neat as a pin on the inside.

The eating habits of both parents seem to vary with the time of day.

Mornings are reserved for hunting worms in my beds close to the nest with head close to the ground, flipping leaves to find a juicy insect.  Afternoons are for foraging further afield or perhaps grabbing a quick wild strawberry from my hosta beds.

This last photo is a close up of Mrs. Robin on the nest.  I was very close to her but she bravely stayed where she was.  Here she is giving me the stink eye for being so close:

I love this pic and currently have it as my wallpaper.

Well that’s it for today.  Happy birding and remember to “bee” positive!


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