I ran upon this blog about gardening and I too have lots of Chinese Privet. I love it because of the glossy green leaves and the scented pretty white flowers in the Spring which are a favorite of butterflies and bees alike. I sympathize though because it is very invasive and pops up everywhere. The toughness I love about my established shrubs frustrates me in trying to rid my beds of the “volunteers”.

Happy Gardening and remember to “bee” positive!


The Chinese Privet is blooming right now.  Apparently (according to my local Extension Agent Dr. Tom) they were a popular landscaping tree in the past decades but it has now been discovered that they really are nothing more than a noxious weed and very invasive. My house was built in the late 1980s so it would make sense that either the builder or the homeowner chose them for the landscaping.   I can certainly attest to the weed thing, I am constantly battling the seedlings in my flower beds and elsewhere and it would appear that nothing you can do to them can kill them.  Last year when trying to get rid of some in one flower bed (which had gone past seedling form) I cut them down to the stubs and then covered them with black plastic trash bags, securely tied at the base.  They didn’t care, they just…

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