Robin Family Update

It has been a crazy week.  I can’t believe it has only been 7 days since the triplets hatched.  They have grown so much.  They began as little pink fuzzy blobs to little hungry looking mini dinosaurs and now their feathers are starting to come in and on Day 6 they opened their eyes.  Winken is still the strongest on the right, Blinken is in the middle or front left and Nod (aptly named) is usually napping in the back.  I just read that a bird’s eyes comprises about 50% of a bird’s head and if our eyes were comparable they would be the size of softballs.  Pretty creepy but these little cuties are rockin’ the big-eyed look.

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I usually go out in the afternoon to take a picture so that Mom and Dad have had time to make a couple of worm deliveries and it is warm and sunny and I can sneak up, snap a pic or two and be gone before either parent returns.  Mrs. Robin has gotten pretty used to me.  She is usually guarding the nest in the afternoon and she sits on a nearby branch and squawks until I go away.  But today it looked like it might rain so I went out this morning to get a pic before the babies were tucked under mom’s wings to stay dry.  Apparently Dad is not so mellow and as I neared the nest, he began dive bombing me.  And not just close flybys.  He assaulted both me and my camera!  He is so brave.  I bet Mrs. Robin is very proud.

Happy Birding and remember to “bee” positive!


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