Welcome May: Free Computer Wallpaper with Calendar

May has arrived which means that spring is most decidedly here.  I am offering a free May Calendar Wallpaper of a painting I did that was inspired by this season’s bluebonnets.  It is really a treat to see a field of them next to the road or in an old graveyard. To get the full image go to my Etsy shop, go to http://www.etsy.com/listing/83058348/free-may-computer-wallpaper-download   and follow the directions listed there.

I went out to take my daily photo of the triplets today and dad has gotten really brave.  I know this picture is a little dark but here he is just before dive bombing me for about the tenth time.  He is such a bad-ass.  I try not to use indelicate language when writing but I really could not think of a more descriptive term for this guy.  He still has a rakish tuft on his head but he is decidedly thinner.

Happy May and remember to “bee” positive!


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