Update on the Triplets; Winken The Prodigy

So it has been a while since I updated you on the triplets.  They have been growing sooo fast!  Today is day 11 since they hatched and Winken, the biggest of the three (and also the hungriest) has shown his progeny – by flying!  OK not very far but still only 11 days out of the egg!  Here he is sitting proudly if not a little wobbly near the nest:

The others cannot be far behind! Here is a pic from yesterday with all three crowded in the nest.  They are literally sitting on top of one another.  Uncharacteristically, Winken is taking a nap (probably resting up for his solo flight today) and Blinken (left) and Nod, who is usually asleep are the ones crying for dinner.

Dad has really taken a disliking to me and is not above pulling my hair when I get too close.  Here he is looking more disapproving than if I were a prom date with lip piercings and a tattoo!

All in all a very satisfying family affair.

Happy Birding and remember to “bee”  positive!


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