Night Blooming Jessamin Cestrum Nocturnum “Orange Peel” and a Garden Visitor

For those of you who have suffered through my below average photography skills, I am proud of today’s post.  I went to a plant sale at the Dallas Arboretum in 2007.  It was the last day of the sale and what was left were mostly annuals.  I don’t spend a lot of money on annuals because when building your garden, they are just not a good investment.  Perennials are the stable in any flower garden as they are mine.  I did find a tiny little plant labeled Cestrum Nocturnum “Orange Peel”.  The very informative lady at the table said it was part of the nightshade family, had small orange flowers, was frost tender, and liked a little shade.  So I grew it in my shade garden since this last season with disappointing results.  It did grow but did not flourish and never flowered.  This year I decided to move this plant (commonly known as a Night Blooming Jessamine, still a mouthful to say, to my cutting garden for more sun and hopefully it would survive winters without as much protection.  To my delight it has bloomed for the first time and seems very happy where she is.  I have not ventured out at night to experience what is described as an intoxicating scent but will soon enough.

This plant is a woody shrub with long sword like nearly evergreen leaves and small syringe type orange blossoms.  The bees seem to love them.  I took a picture of the first blossom (below) and didn’t notice the guest appearance until I saw it on my computer.

You have to look closely to see him but he is nevertheless there laying in wait, camaflouged and ready to pounce.  Now I don’t see a lot of insects except roly polys and the occasional mosquito.  You would think as an organic gardener I would have built an encyclopedic knowledge of garden pests and beneficial bugs.  I haven’t.  The truth is I don’t really care unless they are doing major, concentrated damage.  Then I look it up, figure out the best strategy (usually soap or insecticidal oil) and go with it.  So I can’t tell you what this guy is but he looks like a predator to me.  So welcome to my garden and bon appetite.

Tasty gardening and remember to “bee” positive!

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