Garden Life Designs: The journey of a gardener and an artist

Today marks the beginning of this blog.  Let me say a little about myself although you can read me on the “about” page.  My name is Christina and I will be journaling my life as a gardener and an artisit and anything else that comes to mind.  It gives me an opportunity to combine my two passions: art and gardening.

I have a saying.  It goes something like this: God made us to live in the Garden and our spirit remembers whenever we touch the earth.

Garden Life Designs is born of this idea.  My creations combine the beauty I find in the garden with the wisdom and inspiration I find to cultivate a grateful heart and a positive attitude toward life – to “bee” positive.  Part of this journey is creating things that are good for the earth and good for the soul.  Whenever possible I use reclaimed wood and eco-friendly materials.

I have always been a painter and majored in art at the University of Dallas and have always had plants around me as long as I could find a little dirt and a pot.  I love beautiful natural things and have always sought the wisdom of great thinkers for inspiration in my own life journey.

I am an avid gardener and worked for 25 years in non-profit management and medical research.  In 2007 my life changed when my husband suffered a series of strokes following back surgery.  Then another blow in 2009 – a dear friend died suddenly.  I found myself re-thinking my priorities.  During that time two things helped to keep me sane – prayer and my garden.

Thanks for stopping by and remember to “bee” positive!